The world has lost the privilege of reading The Nuclear Option for free.

As explained in the Preface to the Third Edition—to be published on another platform—I fully intended to keep the First and Second (printable) Editions of The Nuclear Option free to read at, to make this life‑saving information as widely accessible as possible. However, in September 2022, this position became financially untenable.

For 22 months on this website, people read and received the knowledge and power of The Nuclear Option. But they gave nothing, save for a few generous friends. So, I have pulled The Nuclear Option from the place where it was first published.

HOWEVER, upon receiving at least the target amount in my GoFundMe campaign—which covers the cost of the June 9, 2021 flight mission and the first three years of website expenses—I will restore free access of the First Edition of The Nuclear Option to the world at Therefore, the more people you share this page with, the faster The Nuclear Option will be restored.

If you’ve found this website before the new E-book Edition is published, and would like to contact me, you can reach out through MeWe or LinkedIn.

Visit my GoFundMe page to find out what The Nuclear Option is.

The full set of social media posts chronicling the Flight Mission to publicize The Nuclear Option has been reproduced here:

As soon as the new edition goes live, I will put the link onto this site. I remain determined to blast this revolutionary book around the world.

The First Edition of The Nuclear Option is worth far, far more than a meager $27,580. The GoFundMe amount is only reimbursement for direct expenses. It does not even touch the extreme amount of time and effort I spent writing this book and building this website; nor is it even within the same galaxy as its value to society.

I have devoted two and a half years to this mission without return. I have depleted my resources in service to our planet.

Need more reasons to give? Give because you care about your own future and the future for everyone else on this planet. Give to support a special-ops warrior who is fighting the forces of evil currently lording over this planet. The logo at the top of this page represents not just the virus itself, but the evil global institutions who have been imposing medical tyranny, blocking access to life-saving treatments, and lying about science. I cannot defeat them myself: I need your help.

Your gift is very appreciated. Don’t sweat the amount, because more important than the amount you give is the number of people you share this with.

Current donations will help get the new edition published quicker, on a platform where I believe it will gather momentum.

If you do not use GoFundMe, then the button below provides more ways to donate. However, please still share the GoFundMe link, and share the link to the new edition when it is published!

~ Adam Gattuso, Science Writer, Author of The Nuclear Option




Added June 2021: GoFundMe Mission to Extinct the coronavirus with science

  From the digital to the postal . . .

The entire financial industrySupport your nation’s postal service, a struggling industry! I tried for 6 weeks
to set up an electronic transaction gateway. With Paypal and Stripe, I would have run a high risk of being shut down due to the contents of this site. Processing companies and banks either denied me outright or wanted to preview and control the contents of this site. So, the U.S. Postal Service can thank both the socialist and capitalist establishments for this!
“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again: but already it was impossible to say which was which.” – Animal Farm
has conspired to prevent me from being able to receive remittance through this website. But they can’t stop we the people. If you would like to send me something, you can mail a check to me at the address below: My bank accepts checks from any country.

Adam Gattuso
9890 Liberia Ave #1012
Manassas, Virginia 20110

. . . and back again.

Digital cash is set to become a major way in which money flows in the future economy. If you’d like to send me some, here is a set of instructions. The infrastructure is scheduled to evolve, but this method is easiest way to do this in 2020.

1.  Set up an account with Jaxx Liberty digital wallet.
2.  In Wallets screen, select the Dash currency.
3.  Buy Dash with Visa or Mastercard through Jaxx’s secure system. (There is a minimum $11 fee involved,
     but this is the only easy way I’ve found to do this.)
4.  Send funds to me at this address:  Xo1kB1GJHeuvd1xwXH6eGxZn74MHw4qDH7

¡Muchas gracias!