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12:37 AM:  I have devoted my entire existence for the past 14 months to bringing an end to the coronavirus by writing about the science-backed weapons we already had from the beginning, and to expose the massive scandal behind these treatments’ suppression. I’ve earned no income for a year and a half. Too many people around the world are still dying unnecessarily from this disease, and millions more are still living under dehumanizing anti-science mask socialism. Something colossal has to happen to get this life-saving and pro-human-rights message around the world.

6:57 AM:  Today I’m taking to the skies to publicize the electronic volume I wrote and published at coronavirusextinct.com.  Look Up! Call your local news station, tell your friends, and most importantly, READ It!  Let’s take The Nuclear Option around the world so that all will awaken to this life-saving scientific information!

7:10 AM:  The Nation’s Capital! Political leaders need to read the valuable information on coronavirusextinct.com. It’s real national intelligence.

7:31 AM:  Interstate 270, where the facing traffic is commuting to Washington, DC or to the NIH. Up the road is Fort Detrick, where the U.S. government invented “gain-of-function” research to make bioweapons during the Cold War. Many thousands of career federal employees use their skills to serve the public good, but nefarious interests in high places at several federal agencies are working against the people. The Government’s suppression of covid-19 treatments in 2020 caused mass death.

8:07 AM:  I’ll reach major cities soon enough.  But first, I’m going to fly over Rural America, where people have a more peaceful life closer to nature.  People in these parts have been more inclined to keep the torchlight of liberty shining inside themselves, even as society around us has fallen apart.

9:10 AM:  Western conventional medicine, for all its money and state-of-the-art technology, can never again be trusted as the sole arbiters over our health care. I intended for The Nuclear Option to go around the world on the day it was published.  But let it be written that with the coronavirusEXTINCT.com banner flying high above millions of people, the Integrative Health Revolution is officially underway!

9:12 AM:  Good morning Baltimore!

9:19 AM:  Fort McHenry, which the United States Army defended for 27 straight hours to turn back an attempted land invasion of the U.S. at Baltimore.  Our National Anthem is a living monument to our perseverance in defending this Nation and the Liberty of its people from all threats, foreign and domestic.

10:10 AM:  95, the eastern spine of the United States.  We need more people to remember their spines and Stand with courage in the face of lies to Speak the truth!  “Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness.”  The medical establishment has been suppressing natural medicine for pharmaceutical interests for more than a century.  For those who have been brainwashed by lies, The Nuclear Option will put you on the straight path about what the science actually says about vitamins, herbs, and plant-based compounds.  Some conventionally-trained doctors and nurses are already aware of this and have quietly prescribed vitamin-rich covid cocktails to their patients.  Along with their counterparts in naturopathic, traditional, and integrative medicine, these covid warriors have saved an untold number of lives.

11:06 AM:  People in small towns like Sparta are getting a glimpse of serendipity.

11:10 AM:  Hope.  Then, Believe!  Extinct coronavirus.

11:26 AM:  In Delaware, the home state of President Biden.  Let us pray for the good health of our public officeholders, and that they have the strength and wisdom to act on behalf of the people.

12:35 AM:  The “city of brotherly love” is better known for its hostility, and people in cities across the United States during the past year have been incited to riot, vandalize, and hate based on political party, ethnicity, and healthcare preferences. This division and bigotry was incited by evil powermongers plotting to destroy America by dehumanizing its people. Repent! Renounce the schemes of the enemy, and Return to the moral principles that make up the universe and just societies, Truths upon which this Country was founded in Philadelphia!

12:40:  Over suburban New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the Union.  Thousands more people every minute are learning how to empower their own health and protect themselves against communicable disease naturally, all explained by a fully trained science writer at coronavirusextinct.com!

1:01 PM:  Valley Forge, where George Washington prayed to God daily for the future of this country.

1:39 PM:  Bel Air, Maryland, and what good airs we will have when WE the people drive the coronavirus to extinction!

2:24 PM:  New York, New York!  The nation’s largest city, and the headquarters of the U.S. media.  The media has renounced the truth, so I had to write it in their place.  Those who have suffered so much after fourteen months of death and tyranny, Rejoice at this Blast of Truth, and start to think for yourselves again! Spread this sudden-victory knowledge to all lands! Coronavirus Extinct!

4:16 PM:  To take a vacation at the beach is a staple of American freedom, a reward after months of hard work. I hope I have done my part to help wake this country up so that it may return to a bastion of liberty. Remember where our rights come from, and who gives us everything we enjoy in this world. With the thirteen “tanager” tenets enumerated in the last chapter of The Nuclear Option, we can remake the post-virus world to maximize the freedom and flourishing of its people. Read this volume all the way to the end for a special treat!

4:25 PM:  Today’s flight to publicize The Nuclear Option has been a resounding success! I thank God first, in whom all things are possible, and I heartily thank all the people in the aviation community who helped make this mission come to fruition. 6-9-2021!!

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