You Are Guilty

by Adam Gattuso  ·   June 29, 2023

Well, you’ve done it. You have ceded the future of this world to the enemy. You have let all the Agent Smiths in the government, the media, and megacorporations decide whether your children are worth living or dying.


If you get sick, you have put yourself at the medical establishment’s mercy. They tell you they have no medicine to give you, or some expensive drug that does nothing, and you believe them because you’re stupid. You are too stupid to inform yourselves—or God forbid show anyone else—the science that would save your life from infections.


The medical establishment and their cronies have blocked you from receiving this information.


The enemy has already killed most of the people they can kill from the coronavirus, by denying and suppressing the medicines described in The Nuclear Option.


They have already killed most of the people they can kill from the bioweapon injections falsely propagandized as “vaccines.” They have killed fetuses and caused infertility through these bioweapons.


And they are already advancing their death and eugenics agenda. They are planning to control you with new scary-sounding pathogens. The Nuclear Option gives you the tools and confidence to overcome such pathogens, if only you cared enough to listen.


The medical and media establishment hates you. You are their pawns. You are their property. In your apathy, you fully accept that these overlords can do whatever they want to you and your children.


You are sitting ducks for whatever the medical establishment and associated overlords do next. They will continue without restraint unless the hammer of justice is brought down upon them for the crimes they committed in the covid holocaust.


The revelations in The Nuclear Option provide broad evidence for the Nuremberg II trials. If you have no interest in electing leaders who will initiate these trials, then you are complicit with the criminals. If you say nothing and do nothing, that means you support their crimes, and you are guilty with them.


The whole world is guilty for allowing what has happened in the past three years. If the world does not bring justice to the criminals in court, then you can be sure that the Wrath of God will Judge all of us. God will punish our nations with pestilence and weather upheaval and economic disaster to bring your complacent life to its knees. And you will have to accept whatever gets done to you. You are guilty, because when given a simple opportunity to do good, you did nothing.


The greater your influence, the greater is your guilt by ignoring the truth. The higher your profile and number of readers or followers, then all the more do you shirk your responsibility when you don’t act.


The “mainstream” corporate-socialist media is an integral part of the enemy forces. They intentionally kept the truth from the people. The conservative media hypocrites, who went AWOL in a time of mass murder, also kept the people ignorant and they too are responsible.


In theory, there might exist a small sliver of fellow independent journalists or responsible citizens who do decide to listen to God and conscience, read The Nuclear Option, report on its revelations, and maybe even share with me an active role in blasting it around the world.


The rest of you have ignored God and ignored science. You won’t even listen to the truth when your whole future depends on it. You’re like the primitive barbarians who look entirely to their pathetic gods for life and health. Your gods too—the medical and media establishment; the corrupt government agencies—are false gods. They are lying to you to keep you diseased and ignorant. They are betting that you will remain too stupid to dump them.


Some of you may consider yourself too busy to read this revolutionary book. In that case, you must prefer the alternative: You will be crippled with chronic disease and waste away in a hospital without life-saving medicine. Your children will be force-injected with hundreds of shots, starting in the womb, and will endure sicker and shorter lives without any knowledge or access to integrative medicine.


Or, perhaps your intelligence is too suboptimal to choose to read a book with some big words! by a great writer. But even the average retard knows someone with the brain cells and will to receive it, and can send the link to support the cause.


The enemy believes that they have already won. They have already usurped medical ownership over you and your family and friends.


Remaining unchecked, the enemy will ban all forms of herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine, and integrative healthcare. They will prevent you from buying all of the plant-based medicines that millions of people have taken for decades. They will ban the practice of all medical systems except for their own. They will thus enslave us because our bodies are their commodities, to be kept mired in sickness to feed their money machine.


If you idiots would get your heads out of your ass and listen, The Nuclear Option will reverse the course of history. The Nuclear Option will re-establish justice and make the criminals pay. The Nuclear Option will overthrow the pharmaceutical-medical tyranny and initiate the integrative health revolution. Political and social action are necessary for these things to manifest.


Neogenesis of a worthy future begins with reading The Nuclear Option.


A special cadre of warriors shall act to spread knowledge to uplift the world for health and freedom.


The rest of you won’t read The Nuclear Option because you just don’t give a shit.