How to Stand Strong vs the FTC & FDA

Dear Nutraceutical Company,

Imagine a world where you could say whatever you want. Picture the freedom your company would have if there were no FTC or FDA to bully you. In this more enlightened Shangri-la, you could freely communicate all of the ways that people can strengthen their bodies to fight disease without big government suppressing you.

I know that you are not in the business of selling natural health products just to make money or grow a business, but genuinely to serve people and to help them become their healthiest selves.

What if there was a “nuclear option” whose detonation would inundate society with the truth about the efficacy of vitamins, bioactive compounds, and herbal medicine? Knowledge that would make it very clear that the government is lying to protect big pharma? A nuclear option so powerful that when the people and their elected representatives discover the extent of this scandal, the tyrannical “regulatory” powers of government agencies would be wiped away?

The truth is, The Nuclear Option is already here. It is live on the internet, just itching to blast Truth, Justice, and healthcare freedom around the world.

In fact, besides the U.S. Constitution, this book is the single most important piece of evidence that you could bring if you decided to sue to assert your right to free speech.

Why is that? Because The Nuclear Option is unlike anything else ever written about natural medicine. It’s written by someone with a unique set of professional skills and mastery of the craft.

I have a Master’s degree in science writing. I take scientific research and relate its significance and context to a general audience, while also satisfying the intellectual needs of technical specialists. I explain to them not just how particular medicines work, but how entire medical systems work.

The Nuclear Option contains original reporting that the media refuses to cover.

Like you, I’ve been suppressed for the past three years. I have been stonewalled and barricaded at every turn by people who do not want this information to be publicized. I don’t have a big-name publisher or even an assistant. I’ve literally put everything I have into this book from start to finish, to save lives and liberate a suffering humanity.

If there existed any responsible media outlets to report on this explosive information at the time that I published the first edition, then millions more lives would have been saved from covid, and Congress would have already acted to strip away the Unconstitutional powers from the FDA and the FTC.

If The Nuclear Option had gone around the world two years ago, you already would have been free.

But even without action from Congress or courts, this powerful book will help you immediately. It will help you to defend yourself against FTC or FDA overreach, by initiating you into new communication strategies for characterizing the scientific efficacy of your products. You will likely find quotes or passages to cite directly from the book, and the references section will link you with scientific studies that you might not have even heard of.

That is why reading this book is the most empowering thing you can do today. Once you do, you will want to encourage the rest of the natural health community to read it too.

I am the voice of those who are currently voiceless. Help me to liberate this entire society from more than a century of pro-pharmaceutical control and propaganda against vitamins, herbs, and natural medicine. You can help to bring about the integrative health revolution, whose genesis is at the core of this book’s message.

The Nuclear Option will feed your spirit like a breath of fresh air. When you read it, you will thank yourself for doing it, and you’ll want to share that refreshing and invigorating feeling with your associates and friends.

Begin reading the third edition of The Nuclear Option here:

For truth and freedom,

Science Writer Adam Gattuso

The Nuclear Option